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Friday, November 24, 2006

Jer - This Blogs For You

One of my "readers" had some questions and I hope I can answer them for him.

Q. 'Reader' would like to know if I write about the things I do because I want a reaction from people or if I really do have a fuckitall attitude that I portray in my blogs.

A. The stories and ideas that I write about are occasionaly slight exagerations, but everything is based on my thoughts, feelings and curiosities towards sex and real life events that I found to be story worthy. I guess you can say that I have a fuckitall attitude. To take this one step further, I have had many conversations with friends about the very topics that I blog about. And in fact, it was one of these friends that suggested I put my thoughts into a blog. Woah, Now there is some food for thought eh?

Q. Reader' would also like to know if I realize that I am 1.75 steps away from a 29.95$/mth website.

A. HOW DID YOU KNOW?? However, I think I devalued myself. I have a 19.95$/mth site in the works. And since I am such a nice and giving person (have I blogged yet about how much I love to give?) I will personally set you up with an account in which the first 3 months are free. *wink*

'J' many times do I have to tell you what "Do you want to come over and watch a movie" really means? I expect details, all of them. In fact, bring a ruler.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Got Off Easy This Week

........take this any way you like......

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's All About Me - Deal With It

· Vodka gets me drunker than anything

· I’d risk my life to save a dog in need

· I worry too much about my weight even when I don’t need to

· I’d really love to quit eating, but I really, really love to eat

· I lost my soul mate Aug 14th, 2003 – RIP Steve

· I have been known to fall in love with inanimate objects such as purses and shoes

· I love thunderstsorms

· I think hockey pants are sexy

· I would rescue/adopt a million dogs if I had the room

· My dream is to run in and complete the Boston Marathon in under 5 hours

Sunday, October 22, 2006

If I Won 25 Million Dollars...

...I'd be rich
I am extremely impractical and suck ass with money (which is why I never have any) so the first thing I would do, would be to hire a financial advisor. I’d invest a good 10+ million and that would be the last sane thing I’d do. And I would only do that because I’d need something to live off of once my spending spree was over.

Next, I would build a castle…with a fully equipped moat and alligators. Think the Jehovah’s Witnesses would stop bothering me with those fuckers out there swimming in my moat?

While my castle was being built I’d get some boob implants, liposuction and botox from some well to do Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills. Of course any of my friends that wanted work done could come with me. My treat – I’m generous that way.

After building my castle I would rescue all the abused and abandoned rottweillers in North America. I would have a rottie army. Troops of rotties would run about with their horse like prance and I would love every single one of them. Bentley would still be my favorite though.

I’d also need to hire a bunch of staff and servants. I wouldn't beat them or anything like that, but my chef might run off due to my overwhelming demand for pizza.

I’d take a much needed vacation (for at least a year), buy at least 5 different cars, a private jet, summer house, winter house, house away from my castle, a yacht, and I’d of course give all my friends and family money. I’d also give my favorite charities and organizations money. But not a penny to politicians. I hate politicians.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is there a polite way to spit?

There are those among us who do not care for the wierd, funky, salty taste of spooge. And sometimes, (yes even I will admit it) it is downright bleachy foul.

In the latter case, or for those jizz phobic ladies (or men) what the hell do you do with it? Is there a polite way to get rid of it?

Going hhhork....PTOOEY! is definitely out of the question, although would be kinda humorous.

And what about Ptooeying into a tissue... is that any better?

Maybe you should just let it run out of your mouth like they do in all those porns?

I wonder.... what would Miss Manners do?
Note to self: Email Miss Manners this question in the morning

Anyone have any suggestions? Really, what is a girl to do?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Will The Real Myster Caller Please Stand Up?

Over the last couple of week you have called me several (9) times, always blocking your number. Your calls are always between 2am and 4:30am usually on Saturdays and mostly on my cel phone. Although, you have made the occasional call on my home line. You never leave a message.

Most people I know have the cajones to NOT block their numbers regardless what time they call, so I am really having difficulties figuring out who you are.

Mystery Stalker Caller: if you are reading this STOP CALLING ME..... or at least leave me a message next time so I know who you are.

Now, will the Real Myster Caller Please Stand Up?!?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

10 Types of Men to Avoid

10. Mr. Beefcake: aka; steroid guy

9. Mr. Overly Sensitive

8. Mr. In Between

7. Mr. I don't drink beer

6. Mr. Nice Guy

5. Mr. Perfect

4. Mr. Owns a cat (or small dog)

3. Mr. Mommies Boy

2. Mr. Frat Guy

1. Mr. Player Wanna Be

Other honorable mentions: Mr. Workplace Gigolo, Mr. Gay & in Denial, Mr. All Talk no Action, Mr. Octopus